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Compiled by Zara Flores

Coffee purveyor Joe Pravettone is a chief mortgage appraiser with other side jobs to fund his new company: Nauti Bean Coffee. Nauti Bean Coffee has been in the works for months and was soft-launched in April. Pravettone said he is also an entrepreneur with many previous ventures under his belt, but this one is unlike any other.

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur, even from a young age, but coffee is the first business I’ve had that I’m truly passionate about,” Pravettone said.

He’s established his e-commerce business in San Clemente and scoured the area to find who he believes is the best roaster on the market.
“He’s a very well-respected and knowledgeable person and travels to other countries to teaches about the process and cultivation of the coffee beans,” Pravettone said. The premium-grade beans cultivated are from Africa, Indonesia and various South/Central America countries.

Pravettone said he has always had a fondness for the ocean. He’s a spear fisherman, a surfer and has lived on a boat for a few years. He said he believes coffee and the ocean parallel each other; both are inviting, relaxing and have a beckoning appeal to them. Nauti, short for Nautical, is his fun twist that keeps the pun classy and open to interpretation.

Pravettone said he hopes to expand in the future with his own Nauti Bean Coffee shop. For now, his coffee is available in a couple of retail locations, including The San Clemente Store at the Outlets at San Clemente and Cosentino’s Pizza by the Pier. The e-commerce website offers all roast types, single use or k-pods and has an auto-ship monthly subscription available too. Never wake up without your Nauti in the morning!