Adventures In Coffee

How refreshing!  This bold new coffee company is combining the revitalizing and awakening spirit of the coffee bean with the inspiring and magnetic draw of the ocean.   Our owner was born on an island, lived aboard his boat for years, surfs, body surfs, spearfishes and loves being on the sand and water with his children – two beautiful girls (11 and 8), and one handsome boy (4).  His children are his inspiration and his life! And although they have had challenges and obstacles in life, he is determined to provide for them and raise them in the idyllic coastal town he knows as home.

Life in a laid back coastal atmosphere encompasses everything for which Nauti Bean Coffee stands;  the small town closeness, relationships with friends and neighbors, experiencing a quality of life, forgoing the hustle of larger cities, and nature beckoning you to come play and breathe into your life the vitality of the sea.  Coffee has many of the same qualities, bringing people together, slowing your pace as you sip, and bringing energy and vitality to your day. The idea of bringing this brand to life was simply our founder’s way of combining what millions already love – coffee and the ocean!

People are passionate about coffee – warm or cold – and most have a deeply-rooted need to see, hear, smell or feel the ocean.  Nauti Bean embraces both aspects and created this new brand of coffee that has made a rather large “splash” into the industry. The name is “Nauti” – short for Nautical, with a fun spin alluding to the nauti we have all gotten into throughout our lives.  Feel free to take Nauti to whatever degree you desire. Personally, we like our Nauti hot, cold and everything in between.