Nauti Bean Coffee

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Why Nauti Bean Coffee?

Because we are a small-batch, craft-roasted coffee company that ships the freshest, just-roasted coffee straight to your door!

Nauti Bean is a life-style brand that promotes the outdoors, adventure and hustle. We offer that moment of early morning calm while sipping our "liquid gold". We call this…

"The Calm Before the Storm" check this video out and see our YouTube Channel for more videos as they are released. 

Nauti Bean Coffee

The lure of the ocean and promises of adventures have captivated people since the beginning of time. Some of our richest histories tell tales of the ocean; Sirens calling sailors to their death, Vikings raiding far off lands, European explorers charting new lands, and of course, pirates ruling the seas and stealing treasures. Although history is sordid, every ship at sea also set out to trade for goods from faraway lands to bring back to their people. In the 17th century, Europeans brought back coffee, and the love for this drink has only grown over the centuries. Today, coffee is found in all parts of the world, but still only grown in a select few regions. The coffee berries need rich soil, and the right amount of sun and rain to produce the best beans. At Nauti Bean Coffee, we have benefitted from the trades of our ancestors and the wisdom of the coffee growers to hand-select beans from different regions of the world to craft a perfect cup of coffee. Crafting coffee goes above and beyond just roasting and brewing. There is an art to finding that “sweet spot” when roasting to develop the sweetness of the bean and preserve the natural sugars, eliminating that bitterness of coffee, and bringing forward flavors of chocolate, plums, pineapple or lemongrass. While our names of coffee might sound different or exotic, each coffee at Nauti Bean Coffee comes with a history, from where it was grown, the relationship with our farmers, our roasters, our baristas, and the consumers. Be adventurous, like our ancestors before us, and try something new, something you will remember. A cup of coffee that not only invigorates and tantalizes your tastebuds, but also connects you to earth, and the ocean through our history.


One of the best coffees I've ever tried! I'm Cuban, and I like strong but they have all types of flavors and strength! Its amazing! Don't miss out!


Beatriz Calis

Nauti Bean..! I’m back to small amounts of coffee!!! I reset my system and feel so much better. I wanted to tell you I switched to a press and started drinking it black. I had no idea what I was missing. Your coffee is seriously amazing.


Anne Barker

“One of the best types of coffee I’ve tried! 

I’m a die hard Starbucks fan, but after trying Nauti Bean, I had to make the switch. Perfection in a cup hands down! Plus the lifestyle of the brand itself is unbeatable. Highly recommended!”


Victoria Smith